You did read that correctly, that’s for sure. The remains of a military vessel and an extraordinary burial complex were found by a group of Egyptian and French explorers. While the group’s first goal was to just explore the drowned city of Heraklion from the Abu Qir Bay near Alexandria, they stumbled onto a once-in-a-lifetime find as they marvel at their finds. The crew was directed by the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology.

Mostafa Waziry, chief secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, confirmed the finding and said that it could be related to the fabled temple of Amun that vanished beneath the sea in the second century BC.

It took so long to unearth the site because the ship was hidden beneath five meters of thick clay beneath the floor of the temple. With the aid of their state-of-the-art equipment, they were able to reach the temple’s base and instantly found the hidden treasures.

The fact that this is the only Punic Marsala Ship to have ever been discovered complete, according to one of the French archaeologists who worked on the excavation team, Franck Goddio, makes it one of the most amazing finds ever.

This specific style of ship was built in 235 BC, and during the prolonged period of flooding that covered the location, it sustained the most of its damage.

The flat keel and flat bottom of the boat, both distinctive to the brand, made it easy to identify. Its length to breadth ratio is around six to one and it may reach a maximum length of 25 meters. Given how many things have been found here over the years, this is undoubtedly one of the finer findings from this location.

Hopefully, thanks to the modern equipment the crew brought with them, the site will continue to yield fresh findings. The Thonis-Heracleion towns have been known to us since 2001, but due to their extensive burial beneath the sea’s hard clay and debris, we haven’t been able to fully excavate them.

With this discovery, we should be able to make further stranger discoveries, maybe revealing the truth about what really occurred here before everything went berserk. What do you think caused the website to fail?