On Google Earth, we’ve gotten used to seeing strange things, especially in less-visited places like Antarctica.

At coordinates 76° 39′ 29.74″ S and 125° 49′ 15.36″ W, a strange triangular-shaped object appears.

In addition, the environment suggests a crash or landing. What exactly is it about?

On the SecureTeam10 channel, they report seeing “a kind of crater in the middle of nowhere, between frozen hills, with what appears to be a triangle item in its center, which looks or seems to have been built by someone.”

The shadow of the object is well cast on the snow, giving the impression that it has fallen and left an imprint.

In a video uploaded to YouTube and shared here, Tyler outlines how the shape of this Antarctic item reminds him of others he has seen on the Moon as well as the well-known triangular or pyramidal UFOs.

Could this be the location of a UFO landing or crash?

Others are less concerned because they think it’s just a straightforward meteorite with an approximate 8-meter diameter, according to Google Earth.

This is a significant quantity when you take into account how much would have been consumed in the atmosphere. After all, many have been found in Antarctica.

The object does not appear in the software’s image history until the year 2012, indicating that it was either dumped there or emerged from the ice after that time, regardless of whether it is natural or not.