A curious UFO researcher claims to have found what he believes to be a hidden colony established by ancient aliens in Antarctica on Google Earth. It’s possible that this is a remnant of a long-gone human civilization, of course.

The odd object, which can be seen in satellite images as numerous large ridges on the snow, is said to have existed for many years.

There are numerous automobiles and trails in the snow leading to the location, which appears to have been thoroughly excavated. It’s clear from this that the police are already on the scene. The reason why there hasn’t been a formal announcement about it is another issue.

There appears to have been some expansion between the 1985 and 2013 images, as seen by the presence of an aviation runway close to the mounds.

The sighting, according to Scott Waring, who posted a video of his unexpected discovery on YouTube this week, is evidence of an ancient extraterrestrial structure that has been studied and kept secret from the public.


Google’s base location is 75°01’35″S and 0°07’37″E.

72°11’22.63′′S 2°31’56.81′′E are the Google face coordinates.

the following positions on Google: 72°32’26.35′′S 31°19’17.86′′E


Scott also disclosed the second discovery from Antarctica, which he believes was placed there “deliberately” and resembled the face of Jesus Christ.

The two geological oddities, which are close to the shadowed image of a “standing man” on an Antarctic mountain that Scott showed viewers last year, may be evidence of a former extraterrestrial civilization that once flourished at the south pole, according to Scott.