Everything appears to be dictated by current archaeology. Everything we do and everything in our environment follows a preset historical pattern. Humans, on the other hand, are constantly ready to uncover and explore the deepest secrets of our planet and history. By doing so, we established that academia is a farce, a sham whose sole objective is to disprove history and misinform us for whatever reason.

Now the world appears to be waking up, as evidenced by our insistence on questioning everything and never believing what we are told. The most prevalent feature of ancient structures, whether carved in the architecture or in the alignment and position of the structure itself, is its association with constellations. Why did ancient civilizations have such a fascination with stars? Some researchers at Qoorikancha Cusco were able to read this disk quite quickly. It has spent decades researching and analyzing.

How could these ancient civilizations have known so much about the stars? And why were they so enamored with celebrities? What for? Were they visited by celestial beings? Let’s hope that finding out the truth is only a question of time.